Nairobi tour

Nairobi national park 1 day course
Car hire cost 14,000ksh!!

30 Minutes drive from Nairobi city center.

 Nairobi National Park

Spend around 3hrs Entrance fee Foreigner 50USD Resident 1,200ksh

This is the only park in the world that borders a capital city. It's home to many animals such as lions, zebras, baboons, warthog, gazelles, ostriches, four hundred bird species and rhinoceros. Here you will enjoy a game drive and try spot a leopard!


 Giraffe Centre

Spend around 40min Entrance fee Foreigner 1,000ksh Resident 200ksh.

One of the top tourist destinations in Kenya is the Giraffe center. While here, be sure to feed a giraffe. The centre is also home to several warthogs, which roam freely with the giraffes.


 Utamaduni Craft Centre

Spend around 2hrs.

UTAMADUNI means "culture" in Swahili. Here you will find Luxury souvenir shops, rooms like Masaibisu accessories, antique crafts, T-shirts, kitchenware, interior decor, and many more exciting goods. You can enjoy a leisurely lunch and tea at a cafe on site.


 Nairobi Mamba Village resort

Spend around 1hr Entrance fee Foreigner 800ksh Resident 250ksh.

Mamba means “crocodile” in Swahili. You can touch the crocodile. Visitors often come into direct personal contact with them when given the opportunity to feed these gallant reptiles.

45 Minutes drive back to Nairobi city center.


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